About Stephen

Hi my name is Stephen Rockett, I am an experienced yoga teacher and master practitioner in neuro linguistic programming. Here's how I can help you

The Why?

Keeping mental health & wellbeing in balance has become a necessity. Personal happiness and emotional freedom are dependant on learning how to run your thoughts rather than being at the mercy of them. Having overcome my own battles with my mental health and from the life experience gained from it, it led me on the path to working with people and helping them to get the results that they want in their lives.

The What?

Success can be a subjective feeling of achievement, so success to one person can mean winning the Olympics, and for another it can be that they learned how to dissolve their anxiety. The effect on the nervous system is usually the same. I help people to make powerful changes in their lives using the breathing techniques of Yoga and visualisation.

The How?

Everybody has an internal reference point for how we think the world is. We make sense of the world through our five senses and arrive at a point where we apply meaning to the information coming in and form opinions and beliefs. Lets call this your inner map of the world or how you think the world is. Everybody’s map is unique and the quality of your beliefs, inner dialogue and thought process will determine if you are living out of an abundant or depleted map of the world. I help people to update and enrich their map of the world. Collapsing negative beliefs about themselves and replacing them with new positive and useful beliefs. Quietening negative self talk and replacing it with a supportive inner voice.

The Who?

Anybody who wants to make a positive change in their lives but are not getting the results that they want and are feeling stuck. Here are some of the issues that I worked with clients on and helped them to achieve………